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Note: Recent changes to my e-mail addresses below after loss of the .ga domain name

For questions about this web site or adding links to it, please use:

For personal messages or just to say "Hi," please use:

For IT Support, Tech Support, or Computer Help, please use:

For political candidates running for office, or other political stuff, please use:

For TV Streaming stuff or other online streaming, please use:

To send me Junk Mail advertising or Spam, please use

These e-mail accounts are all checked and monitored using the following programs:
Web Mail, Zoho Mail Desktop Lite for Windows, and Zoho Mail Apps For Mobile

   (32)  Manage Account (ZoHo) - Manage Account (Mail Administrator)
E-mails sent to my formerly public e-mail addresses on AOL, Gmail, or Hotmail, etc.

Before May 1, 2012 when I was finally able to set up free mail hosting with Zoho for the E-mail accounts listed above, regular users of this website were privy to my e-mail accounts on AOL, Gmail, or Hotmail, etc. No more. Whilst some of these e-mail accounts still exist, I am NO longer either replying to messages sent to them from the general public or I'm referring everyone back to this page, so that they can read it again. In short, please refrain from sending your message to either my AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, or the e-mail account assigned to me by my ISP!! Your message could possibly be ignored & deleted by yours truly without reply or action since I have no direct way of dragging it into Zoho!!! If you are a web site creator yourself and you either own or manage the DNS Zone records for your domain name, and you need mail hosting, visit this page and scrow down to where it says "Free Forever Plan" to sign up. 

How to contact me via phone

Update: March 9, 2023 (Thursday)

As of October 7, 2021, J2 Global, the company that formerly provided both my automated voice mail service under their J2 Communications brand and my incoming fax number under their eFax brand has decided to eliminate their free plans on both services. As a result of this move, there is currently no way to contact me by phone without me having to publicly publish both my home and mobile phone numbers to this website, which I will not do for the reasons listed below. I already receive enough calls from scammers that have managed to discover both my home and mobile phone numbers on their own as it is, so I'm not going to make it easy for them to do so here. For those scammers that do call, you find out very quickly that I'm not going to tolerate or fall for your BS!!! I'm not afraid to tell you to go screw your selves or cuss you out!! As the late Jackie Gleason once said to the late Burt Reynolds in response to his question about how he was going to play the role of Sheriff Buford T. Justice in the 1977 movie "Smokey And The Bandit" after offering him the part, Gleason's response was "real simple...I'm going to cuss my way through it." Not only did Gleason cuss his way through it, he also ad-libbed many lines into the movie that weren't in the script and this was one of the reasons why the movie was such a huge success that lead to two sequels. I am currently searching for another free solution. I will post more info after I've found it. Until then, I have many links to many free e-mail providers below. It's 2023 after all. If you don't yet have an e-mail account with that smart phone you're carrying, you're way behind!! 

For security reasons I do not publish either my mobile or home telephone numbers on my personal public website. You must either have a prior relationship or first establish one with me first before I will hand over any private information.

Click here for a printable list
(Must have Adobe Reader). Coming soon. I'm currently revising it.  .cf, .ga, .gq, .ml, or .tk,

No e-mail account? Has your ISP decided to quit providing e-mail accounts like these ISP's Have?

Verizon's e-Mail Retirement - Verizon's Move to AOL Mail - Orange ( e-Mail Closure - Vodafone e-Mail Closure -
Orcon No Longer Offers Free Mailboxes To New Customers - Sky No Longer Offers Free Mailboxes To Customers
Care 2 Webmail Service No Longer Available

You may ask why are ISP's taking this course of action for? Especially since you pay them for Internet access. Since the Internet became popular with consumers in the 1990's, there have also been many free e-Mail a/k/a webmail providers that have also sprung up since that time. Google's Gmail service is probably the most popular of them all since it is also connected to smart phones that run the Android operating system, whilst Apple's iCloud Mail service is connected to iPhones that run MacOS. Many of these free e-Mail providers below also offer additional features like more storage space, cloud storage, online office document management, tasks, calendar management, notes, etc, to which an ISP's based e-Mail service doesn't. Nor are ISP's going to continue investing capital in a service that can be easily provided by others at cheaper costs. Five ISP's now partner with Yahoo to manage their e-Mail hosting services, whilst many other ISP's partner with Synacor to manage their e-Mail services via their open sourced Zimbra Collaboration platform. Those ISP's that don't have these sort of partnership agreements are starting to consider retiring their own e-Mail services, like the ones above, and referring subscribers to free e-Mail providers below. As a convenience to users of my website, I am listing them below.

Here's a list of Free E-mail Providers -

AOL (US) - AOL (UK) - Outlook dot com - Zoho Mail - Google Mail - Yahoo - AT&T - GMX - GMX (UK) - - Rediff - Fire Mail

Proton Mail - Barid - Net C - - Offilive - Mail 2 World - Eclipso -  - Vivaldi - Tutanota - - UKR - Disroot - OnMail

Mail Fence - Seznam - NetZero - Juno

Suggested by others

Juno Web E-mail: A Review

E-mail server settings for advanced users of 3rd Party E-mail programs

To contact me, make comments on this page, report problems with links on this site, or to report Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) issues, please e-mail me at either e-mail address listed above. Thanks

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