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Due to the stipulations of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, I have been ordered by the Federal Trade Commission to remove any and all content from this page related to links to kids educational sites. I'm sorry, but this was not my choice. The links that were contained on this page were listed as a convenience to both parents and children as a way for them to be directed to safe sites on the Internet, and not as a tracking tool for third parties!! For the record, I have never tracked a child's online activates, nor have I ever intended to do so, nor have I ever profited from it!! Not only is this a responsibility for the parents, there are laws in place that prohibit this sort of activity and the administrator of this site will always comply with these laws.

To contact me, make comments on this page, report problems with links on this site, or to report Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) issues, please go to my e-mail accounts page and e-mail me from there. Thanks

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