Note: I originally created this page from links that I took from the old AOL clients from versions 2.5 to about version 7 and back in the days when AOL used Keywords instead of URL links to go to their featured site. AOL was also at one time, part of AOL Time Warner and feature many of their sits in their proprietary software. I originally decided to create this page because while I had cancelled my AOL membership, I still had limited access to their proprietary software via mom's AOL Dial Up account with them, so I was able to take all of their featured sites and place them on here for us other Internet users who had graduated from AOL and to what was Netscape and Internet Explorer. I have recently updated this page and removed all non-working and long out of date links as of Thursday June 15, 2023 06:56 AM US Eastern Time. AOL now maintains all of their featured utilities on their AOL Utilities page and on their AOL Products Page

BP Soft

Current AOL Desktop Software Clients

AOL Current Utilities - AOL Shield Pro Browser - AOL Desktop Gold ($4.99 a month)  - AOL Beta CentralAOL Dial Up - AOL For Windows XP & Vista

 Computer Magazines

PC - PC World - Ziff Davis Interactive (ZD Net)


Entertainment Weekly - MTV - The Dilbert Zone - TV Guide - E! - Entertainment Tonight - People Magazine

Kids & Education

Barbie - Cyberkids - Sports Illistrated For Kids - Disney's Go Portal

Search The Web

AltaVista -  - WebCrawler - HotBot -  - Marchex Yellow Pages - YaHoo!

Software Archives

Server Files - Jumbo Download Network - Nonags Freeware / Shareware World Center - Shareware - Winsite Archive -
cnet Windows Downloads

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