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Updated Sunday, June 13, 2023 - Loss of both .ga domain names on June 4, 2023. Return to running on free subdomains

On Sunday, June 4, 2023, I started noticing issues with both my late dad's and my website not loading. At the time, they were registered under the dot ga domain names robbiestewart dot ga and bobstewart dot ga respectively. I went into troubleshooting mode. First, I checked with my web hosting service (50 Webs) to see if my pages were still published on the server. My first instinct was that, maybe some hacker might've have hacked into my account and deleted all of my pages from the server. Not the case...this time. Time for step two in the troubleshooting process. I checked with my domain name register (Freenom) to see if both of my domain names that I managed, robbiestewart dot ga and bobstewart dot ga were still active. They were according to Freenom. Whilst there, I also checked the DNS Zone Records for both dot ga domain names to make sure that some hacker hadn't hacked into my account and deleted them. Again, this was not the case...this time. So, I started asking myself, "if all of my web pages are still hosted on the server and my DNS Zone Records are still in place; what could be the problem?" Time for step three in the troubleshooting process. This is where things got interesting. I launched Ping Plotter to check and see if either of my dot ga domain names were resolving back to the IP address of the web hosting service where all of my pages are hosted at (50 Webs) like they're supposed to according the DNS Zone Records that I had set on Freenom for both dot ga domain names. After entering and trace routing each dot ga domain name, Ping Plotter kept returning "invalid trace target" errors on both dot ga domain names, which is now where the problem lied...or so I thought. With this information in hand, I then attempted to reach out to Freenom's support staff via both e-mail and Twitter, along with sending them images of the Ping Plotter trace route results that I had. I waited for about two days for them to reply to either my e-mails or via Twitter. They (Freenom) never did. So, at this point, I was left to try to figure out what Freenom's problem was on my own since I had isolated the issues to them. In comes Google. After Googling "dot ga Freenom," I ran across this article which had a link to a .pdf article with information about the Gabonese Government's National Agency for Digital Infrastructure And Digital Frequencies (ANINF) ceasing ownership of all dot ga domain names from Freenom and bringing management of them back in house. ANINF also issued this English language press release about this move. This got me wondering "why would the Government of Gabon cancel their contract with Freenom after so many years of Freenom handing this awesome responsibility for them." After further Googling, I discovered the reasons why. Freenom is currently being sued by Facebook's parent company Meta, according to both this article and this article. Freenom has temporarily ceased registering any new domain names as a result of Meta's lawsuit for the time being. Now armed with this new information, I Googled "Sued by Meta, Freenom," which returned a whole host of results. Go figure. Meta argues in it's lawsuit that Freenom has become a haven for scammers and hackers taking advantage of it's free registration of top level domain names that end with .cf, .ga, .gq, .ml, and .tk, to host web pages that have links to rogue websites that attempt to steal your personal information. Only problem with this argument Mr. Zuckerberg (if you happen to be reading this). Freenom is NOT A FREE WEB PAGE HOSTING SERVICE!! The webmasters of these rogue web pages have to have a place, typically a free web page hosting service, in order to store their rogue pages on. Again, Freenom is NOT A FREE WEB PAGE HOSTING SERVICE!! Freenom is only a domain name register that was responsible for registering free domain names that end with .cf, .gq, .ml, and .tk. If you really want to combat the problem, sue all of the free hosting services, not Freenom. Otherwise, the scammers and hackers will do what I just had to do. They'll seek out a new free domain or subdomain registration service and then re-point all of their DNS Zone Records back to the IP address location of the free web hosting service where their rogue web pages are hosted at. By the way, FULL DISCLAIMER. In the thirty years that I've been a webmaster, I have NEVER published a rogue or scam page designed to steal someone's personal information or their identity. NEVER!! If anyone ever finds a rogue web page hosted under any domain name or subdomain name that I manage, all they have to do is CONTACT ME at once and I can promise you that the offending page will be removed at once by yours truly. I will also make every reasonable effort to find the person or persons responsible for hacking into my web hosting service account and uploading the rogue page or pages in question. I will also personally prosecute them myself to the fullest extent of the law. Being that I was raised in a very conservative environment, I DO NOT endorse scammers or hacking.. period!! Not only are hackers and scammers bad for business, they also make every single one of us honest ones who work in the IT field look bad.

Updated Tuesday, January 24, 2017 - Mail send server issues - Sender Policy Framework (SPF) & DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)

Some of you have graciously reported receiving e-mails from me in your Spam folder rather then in your Inbox folder. As a result of you all reporting this, I raised this issue with the postmasters of several of worlds most popular e-mail providers including AOL, Yahoo, Google Gmail, etc. And just about all of which were telling me that it was because I was sending from a non-US based domain name. I then took this matter up with my mail hosting provider ( who then introduced me to two anti-spam technologies called Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). Both of these anti-spam technologies required me to enter my mail hosting provider's settings for each protocol to my DNS Zone Records control panel in what is known as a Text record. DomainKeys Identified Mail has an additional requirement that makes you also have to enter and authenticate each mailbox that you send mail from. Both of these anti-spam technologies are designed to simply prevent, either a hacker, or bulk mail spammer from masking your e-mail address and adding it to the "send from" settings. It works like this to the receiver, when you receive an e-mail from someone, your e-mail provider will check both the SPF & DKIM settings in the e-mail's headers to make sure that the e-mail sender's domain name has authorized that sender's ip address to send mail to you and matches it back to their e-mail provider's domain name. If it matches, then you receive the e-mail as normal in your Inbox. If, however, it does not match, then your e-mail provider will usually place the e-mail in your Spam folder instead, or block it entirely. This is how a lot of Spammers and bulk mail senders get caught or their intended junk to you gets blocked by your e-mail provider, meaning you never see their message or know anything about it. Anyway, after several days of research and learning about all of this, I am now happy to report that I have successfully configured all of these settings as Text records in my domain name's DNS Zone Records control panel and all of you should now be receiving e-mails from me in your Inbox as normal.


Updated Monday, January 5, 2015 - Change in booking providers

As I previously announced on this page back in July 2015, I have now changed online booking providers to another free service called Book Time With Me out of the United Kingdom. You may now visit this page to book my IT services. Sorry for any inconvenience this change may have caused.

Updated Friday, July 17, 2015 -  Share this page on your social network. The sharing bar is now active. Remote Assistance

Today, I want to take a moment and thank the good folks at Add This. They saw my plea for assistance on here yesterday. They contacted me this morning to offer their assistance on getting their social network sharing icons up on this site. Come to find out, there were quite a few errors in this sites' HTML code that had to be fixed, which we've spent most of the day doing. As a result of their efforts, you will now find the social network icons underneath my blogs links. This is a service that many have e-mailed me and asked me for over the last year or so, especially in light of the lifetime Facebook ban, so I am now glad to have it on here. Share this page.

Now onward. Remote Assistance - Change in booking providers coming

Many family members and trusted friends often ask me for assistance in fixing their computer issues. If your problem is not an immediate emergency like a computer crash, I ask that you continue using the Schedule Once link that is on my home page to schedule a session with me for the time being. However, Schedule Once has informed me that they will no longer be providing their booking service as a free service after the end of 2015, so I will be changing booking providers to another provider after this date. I will post a page on this site later on about this move, but it's coming.


Updated Thursday, July 16, 2015 - Social Network Sharing

I've had several people on social media ask me if I would insert some JavaScript code that would make it easier for them to share my page on their social media profile. So far, I have experimented with both Add This and Share This and both providers' codes don't seem to work on with my site. I've tried every which way I can to make them work to no avail. Normally, I don't not like to put out the call for help, but if anyone out there has any ideas on what I might be doing wrong or how to make this work, please go to my e-mail accounts page and contact me from there. So that we can get this process going. Otherwise, I'm stumped on it for the time being.

Updated Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - Page outage on Comcast Xfinity

From about 4 A.M. to 7 A.M. this morning, Eastern Daylight Time, subscribers of Comcast Xfinity were unable to access my web site nor dad's web site. Because I am also a Comcast Xfinity subscriber, I immediately contacted my web hosting provider, thinking that the problem was on their end. After further troubleshooting the issue, I discovered that Comcast Xfinity's security department had placed a block on their DNS servers, to block access to all web sites that I administer. So, I had to call their security department and lets just say that I had to go a couple of rounds with them, which included threatening both legal and congressional action for violating federal net neutrality laws. Needless to say the least, once they discovered how familiar I was with the law, they immediately restored access to all web sites that I administer. That is also why I now have a Comcast Xfinity links page on here. They had some concerns with me possibly linking to rogue links, which I assured them that would never happen. Anyway, I apologize for the site disruption on my part.

Updated Monday, February 16, 2015 - Web server outtage

This site was down today from about 8 A.M EST to about 5:30 P.M EST this evening. Users trying to visit this web site got this page instead. I sent out an e-mail to Fateback this morning, once I became aware of the problem and their administrators fixed the issues this evening. The problem was a server mis-configuration error in the program code that powers the server. So Fateback's administrators had to take the server offline and reprogram it again. This seems to be an ongoing issue as this is now the second time that this has happened in recent months, and will probably happen again until both Fateback's administrators and myself can troubleshoot this and figure out what's causing the server to mis-configure itself. So, if anyone out there ever notices any problems accessing this web site, please go to my e-mail accounts page, write my e-mail address down so that you can keep a record of it, and notify me at once, so that I can investigate this, and get to the bottom of it. My e-mail accounts ARE NOT hosted on the same server as this web site is, so I will get your message. This is both for security and also due to the financial limitations that I am under. That is why this web site is hosted under a free domain name, free web hosting, and free e-mail hosting. If you happen to own, administer, or manage a web site and would like to get in on free e-mail hosting from ZoHo with 15 e-mail accounts free, then contact me and I will send you back a referral link to sign up for free e-mail hosting with ZoHo. Otherwise, ZoHo only gives you 10 e-mail accounts free if you sign up via their main site.

Also, as I am now permanently banned from Facebook, I will no longer be able to notify any of you all via that method when this site goes down. I did have a page published on here explaining the reasons for the ban, but I've since had to remove it at the request of several family members. I will say that the Facebook ban is not the result of something that someone in the general public did. The ban is the result of an internal domestic family matter, which I cannot discuss here.


Updated Thursday, November 13, 2014 - Web Server Outage

First of all, I was going to delete this page in its entirety since I figured that all would now be well since the server move. And also because there had been no issues reported. Now, I'm glad I didn't delete this page after all, because that was until last night. Users were unable to access this web site from about 9:30 P.M. last night until about 1 P.M. today. Users visiting this web site got this page instead. I sent out an e-mail for assistance to Fateback last night and I started hearing from them this morning. They assured me that there had been no abuse complaints filed against me and that my account was in good standing with them. Once they told me that, now we just had to start figuring out what the problem was. First, Fateback told me to change the A list records in my domain name's DNS management server to a different IP Address. So, I tried that and waited for the DNS servers to propagate over and when they did, I started getting a "server not found" error on visits and a "Destination Address Unreachable" error on Trace Routes, so that didn't work. It was back to the drawing board and a phone call to LiquidNet Limited's offices in London, United Kingdom, which is the parent company that owns Fateback. Where they again told me that there were no problems with my account status, so after I reversed the changes to the A list records in my domain name's DNS management server back to what they were in the first place and waited for them to re-propagate back to what they were, it was on to the next step in the troubleshooting process, which no longer involved me since I had done everything that I was supposed to do on my end. It involved LiquidNet contacting their people in Chicago, Illinois, which is where the host server that hosts all of my pages is located at and having them look into it. They found the problem at about 11 A.M. today. Turns out, the sub-domain which is the www part, in the server's configuration had gotten deleted and the server was rejecting any attempts to re-add it back to the system. LiquidNet's people informed me of this via e-mail at about 11 A.M. this morning and that their technicians were having problems getting the server to re-add it back to the system. After writing some new code, their technicians fixed the problem about 12:30 P.M. and my web site is now back up as a result. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Updated Saturday, October 25, 2014 - Move to a new domain name

Since the domain name management server move from to, I have heard no reports of any web site outages. That's not to say that there could be any in the future. If you are unable to access my web site, whether from your home ISP or from a wi-fi connection, please contact me immediately!! So that I can investigate the issue and trace down the problem. In most cases, I will always ask what Internet Service Provider that you are connected to. If you don't happen to know this information, especially on wi-fi connections, you can find this information out by going to this web site. It will tell you what your current IP address is and the provider that you are connected to. This is not to invade your privacy. This is so I can investigate as to whether a particular ISP is blocking or restricting access to my web site. I ran into this issue with AT&T last year that resulted in some compromises on both of our parts in that I had to move my site to a different server to satisfy their requirements.

To contact me, make comments on this page, report problems with links on this site, or to report Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) issues, please go to my e-mail accounts page and e-mail me from there. Thanks

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