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Since Microsoft decided to end support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014, I've been getting a lot of phone calls and e-mails as you can imagine from everyone asking me everything from why is Microsoft ending support on what has been their most popular, most used, and most successful operating system ever? The next question I get asked what do I need to do, the steps that I need to take, and whether or not I need to just break down and fork out the money on a new system? Some of the answers to these questions are dependent on your particular situation and the kind of system that you have, so if I tried to answer all of these questions here, you would be reading this page for quite a while. Microsoft has provided the following sites regarding Windows XP's demise, so here the links to them

Windows XP Support Has Ended (Home Users) - Windows XP End of Support (Business Enterprise Users)
Window XP End of Support - Why Windows XP Support Ended - Retiring Windows XP for Small Business
Help Your Friends And Family Get Off Windows XP - Support for Office 2003 Has Ended
Windows XP End of Support (MS TechNet) - Windows XP Downloads (MS TechNet)

Now to clear up some things. Just because Microsoft has ended support on Windows XP, that does not mean that your computer is going to quit working, however, you should take some extra precautions against potential hackers, because Microsoft will no longer release any more patches or fixes on through the Windows Update web site or through the Automatic Updates feature. Here are my suggestions:

1. Make sure the virus definitions in your anti-virus program are kept up to date. If you have Microsoft Security Essentials installed, Microsoft has announced that they are going to continue releasing virus definitions to Security Essentials until July 15, 2015. Although Microsoft Security Essentials is no longer available for download or install to Windows XP users, you can use a third party anti-virus program. I have several free ones listed on this page that you can download and use instead.

2. Stop using Windows Internet Explorer as your web browser. Because Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP, that also means that support for Windows Internet Explorer has ended too. Also, Windows Internet Explorer in Windows XP only supports up to 128-bit security encryption. I recommend that you install and use a third party browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or Yandex's Browser instead. All of these third party browsers support 256-bit security encryption on Windows XP where as Window Internet Explorer only support 128-bit security encryption. Both the Mozilla Foundation and Google have also announced that they will continue supporting Windows XP up until at least the end of 2015. After 2015, it's anyone's guess. Before installing any of these third party web browsers, make sure that you also download and update your Java plug in also, because all of these third party browsers rely on it. Plus, all of these third party web browsers run independently of the operating system and as such, are not reliant on it the way that Windows Internet Explorer is. If you watch videos on You Tube or another video site, you may also need to install the Adobe Flash Player plug in also, because many video sites use this plug in.

3. In response to a lot of questions that I regularly get about which updates that your computer needs on a regular basis, I have published the following web page on here that has links to the update sites that I use when updating a persons computer. Visit this page for more details.

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