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These links come from the many guide books and paperwork that Comcast has given me recently and from the archived ones for Comcast's former @Home branding that started their entry into broadband back in the mid 1990's. These are arranged by each service that Comcast offers through their Xfinity Brand.

This page is not yet finalized, so please don't consider it that way yet. It is a work in progress. The reason I say that is because, as of this writing, Comcast Xfinity is currently both re-designing and moving most of their pages from the domain name to the domain name. I will be revising this page as necessary when I get word of any changes. This page is not meant to replace any Comcast Xfinity branded page in any way, shape, or form. I have created it simply as a convenience of navigating around Comcast Xfinity's many areas as a current customer. You are always free to use Comcast Xfinity's updated site map page or the old site map page, instead of this one.

Comcast Corporation Sites

Comcast Corporation - Comcast Investor Relations -
Xfinity Non Customer Site 1 - Xfinity Non Customer Site 2 - Xfinity Non Customer Site 3

Xfinity Welcome Center
- User Guides - Activate Equipment 
- Help And Support Main
Self Install Kits - Xfinity Learning Center
- Business User Guides - Manage Your Account
Xfinity How To Videos - Xfinity ID Lookup Tool

Xfinity TV Sites

Comcast Channel Lineup - Xfinity TV Listings - Help And Support (TV)

Xfinity TV Home Page - Xfinity TV Welcome Center - Activate Equipment
Remote Control Codes - Comcast Local Channels -


Xfinity Interent Links

Help And Support (Internet) - Xfinity Internet Welcome Center - Reboot Your Modem
Xfinity Connect Mail 1 - Xfinity Connect Mail 2 -

Xfinity Main Site 1 - Xfinity Main Site 2 - Create A E-mail Address
Xfinity Speed Test  - Xfinity Speed Test (IPv6) - Xfinity Speed Test (Beta Site)
Constant Guard  -  -
DOCSIS Device Information Center - Download Xfinity Desktop Icons

Note: Xfinity currently has several different url cid variations of their portal page for subscribers.
The page that subscribers normally get is usually dependent upon whether or not they're visiting
it while connected to Xfinity or connected to a non-Xfinity ISP usually via a wi-fi connection. I have
listed the links to these different url cid page variations below, so that you can always get to the
right place while connected from any ISP.

My Portal 1 - My Portal 2
Xfinity Portal Page 1 - Xfinity Portal Page 2 -
Xfinity Portal Page 3
Xfinity Portal Page 4 - Xfinity Portal Page 5 - Xfinity Portal Page 6

Xfinity Portal Page 7 - Xfinity Portal Page 8
Xfinity Portal Page (Original Beta 1) - Xfinity Portal Page (Original Beta 2)

New IPv6 Connectivity Protocol Information Links

Xfinty IPv6 Information Center - Test IPv6 - Test IPv6 - Test IPv6

Test IPv6 - Test IPv6 - Test IPv6 Helpdesk - Test IPv6 for ISP's

Google IPv6 Test - About IPv6 (Google)

About IPv6 (Wikipedia) - TCP/IP v4 & v6 (MS TechNet) - About IPv6 (MS TechNet)

Xfinity Connect Message Center Productivity Links

Xfinity Phone Links

Xfinity Home User Manuals - Xfinity Connect Voice Mail - Xfinity Phone Welcome Center
Check Local Calling Area

Internet Essentials Program

Do you currently have a child that participates in the National School Lunch Program, also known as the federal free or reduced lunch program? If so, then you may be eligible for Xfinity's $9.95 a month Internet Essentials program. There are certain restrictions. Visit the Internet Essentials website for more details and how to apply.

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