How To Check For Software Updates For Your Computer

I decided to write and publish this page in response to a common task that I do when I fix and update a person's computer. The below links are one of the secrets that us IT Support Technicians like myself use everyday in order to keep your computer updated with the latest software, which helps your computer perform at the level that it was originally designed to perform at by the manufacturer. The links contained in this page are for general information only, meaning that I am not responsible, nor can I be held liable if you do not use the information contained in them to update your computer correctly. And the reason I say that is because while this page contains the links to check for and update the common programs, apps, and plug ins that your computer uses everyday that make it possible for you to have a pleasant Internet browsing experience, there are still certain steps and procedures that experienced IT Support Technicians like myself must follow in order to get your computer running at the speed that it was designed to run at by your computer's manufacturer. Steps that are learned through many years of training and experience. If you do not feel comfortable using the links on this page to update the common areas of your computer, then by all means contact either myself or another IT Support Technician for assistance in updating your computer or if you have any questions as to why this has to be done on a regular basis.

Microsoft Update & Windows Update

Note: Important!! You must use Windows Internet Explorer to check for updates from these sites. You cannot use a third party web browser like the ones in the next column below. If you are running either Windows Vista, 7, or 8, see the directions links below. 

Check for Windows Updates - Check for Microsoft Updates

How To Check for Updates on Windows Vista - How To Check for Updates on Windows 7 - Windows 8 Updates FAQ Article

Browsers   Upgrade      Click here!    

Check Windows Internet Explorer Version - How to update Google Chrome
How to find out which version of Mozilla Firefox you're using - How to update Mozilla Firefox to the latest version
Opera Browser Auto Update Feature Information

Oracle Java Browser Plug In    Get Java Software

Verify Java And Find Out of Date Versions - Verify Java And Uninstall Out of Date Versions
Download Java (Online Installer) - Download Java (Full Offline Installer) -

Verify Java for Windows 8.1 - Java Download for Windows 8.1

Adobe Flash Player Updates  Get Flash Player

Note: Important!! When updating Adobe Flash Player, make sure that you uncheck the box on the download web site that says "Optional Offer or Optional Offers," otherwise you will get something extra included in the download that you don't want or don't need. Warning: The links offered here are to Adobe's official download site for Adobe Flash Player. If you happen to receive a pop up whilst surfing asking you to update your flash player plug in, it is most likely a fake link to either a rouge mal-ware program, rogue anti-virus program, or even to download and install a virus on your computer. One such virus that I've recently seen is the Kovter Trojan virus. This is a very dangerous virus that I've seen do a lot of damage to Windows system files resulting in my having to wipe out hard drives and reinstall operating systems. All of which results in loss of data. Don't be fooled by rogue Adobe Flash Player update page links. If you get a pop up, close it instead!! Do not click on it!!

Check Adobe Flash Player Version (About) - Install Flash Player in Five Easy Steps - Get Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Flash Player Product Information Page - Adobe Flash Player Support Center

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Updates  Get Acrobat Reader

Note: Important!! When updating Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, make sure that you uncheck the box on the download web site that says "Optional Offer or Optional Offers," otherwise you will get something extra included in the download that you don't want or don't need.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DC - How to check Adobe Acrobat Reader DC version -
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Product Information Page

Microsoft Silverlight Browser Plug In

Microsoft Silverlight (Main) - Download Page

Other Software Utilities That I Use   Get Windows Media Player

Note: You are not required to install any of these. I have only included them because they are what I use.

File Zilla FTP - PingPlotter - IrfanView - Team Viewer - Band Zip - Microsoft XPS Essentials Pack - CCleaner - Speccy
VLC Media Player - Mikogo - Ammyy Admin - BullZip PDF Producer

Free Anti Virus & Malware Programs & Online Removers

Note: Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender in 8 & 10 , Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and CCleaner are my preferred methods of protection. However, if you are running an illegal copy of Windows Vista, 7, 8 or other Microsoft operating system that will not pass Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage validation, then the other software programs that I've listed here will be your only choice for Anti-Virus protection. Microsoft Security Essentials is no longer available for download on Windows XP since Microsoft ended support on XP. However, if you already have Microsoft Security Essentials, you will still be able to receive virus definition updates until July 2015.

AVG Antivirus - Ad-Aware - Avast Antivirus - Comodo Antivirus - Avira Antivirus - McAfee Free Tools
Immunet Antivirus - Panda Cloud Antivirus - ZoneAlarm Antivirus - ZoneAlarm Firewall
360 Internet Security -
Sophos Home - Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - McAfee Stinger - AdwCleaner
Microsoft Free Safety Scaner & Remover -
Trend Micro's HouseCall Free Scan & Remover
Microsoft Security Center - Microsoft Windows Defender Security Intelligence - Yahoo Safety Center - Google Safety Center

You can also check your Internet Service Provider's technical support pages to see if they offer a free Internet Security Program for download. As of this writing, currently Comcast, Spectrum, Spectrum's Time Warner Cable Division, Cox and SuddenLink make this option available free to their subscribers. AT&T also makes their Internet Security Suite available free to their subscribers also, but only to those who are on a 3 Mbps speed or higher speed plan.

How to use the System File Checker Tool

Recovery Options in Windows 10

To contact me, make comments on this page, report problems with links on this site, or to report Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) issues, please go to my e-mail accounts page and e-mail me from there. Thanks

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