AM 50,000 Watt Nighttime Stations

These are the current stations on the A.M. band that I pick up at night from Knoxville, Tennessee.

AM Stereo Frequency ( kHz) Call Letters City of Licensing State of Licensing


Spanish - Unknown


WDUN Gainesville Georgia


KTRS St. Louis Missouri


WCHS Charleston West Virginia


Spanish - Unknown    


WSM Nashville Tennessee


WFAN New York New York


WSCR Chicago Illinois


WLW Cincinnati Ohio


WOR New York New York
  720 WGN Chicago Illinois
  740 KRMG Tulsa Oklahoma
  740 CHWO Toronto Ontario, Canada
  750 WSB Atlanta Georgia
  760 WJR Detroit Michigan
  770 WABC New York New York
  780 WBBM Chicago Illinois
  810 WGY Latham New York
Stereo 820 WBAP Dallas Texas
  840 WHAS Louisville Kentucky
  870 WWL New Orleans Louisiana
  880 WCBS New York New York
Stereo 890 WLS Chicago Illinois
  1020 KDKA Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
1030 WBZ Boston Massachusetts
  1040 WHO Des Moines Iowa
  1050 Spanish - Unknown    
  1060 KYW Philadelphia Pennsylvania
  1070 WIBC Indianapolis Indiana
  1080 WKJK Louisville Kentucky
  1100 WTAM Cleveland Ohio
  1110 WBT Charlotte North Carolina
  1120 KMOX St. Louis Missouri
  1130 WRKY Murray Kentucky
  1140 WRVA Richmond Virginia
  1150 CKLC Kingston Ontario, Canada
  1160 WYLL Chicago Illinois
Stereo 1180 WHAM Rochester New York
  1190 WOWO Ft. Wayne Indiana
  1200 WOAI San Antonio Texas
  1210 WPHT Philadelphia Pennsylvania
  1220 WHKW Cleveland Ohio
Stereo 1360 WSAI Cincinnati Ohio
  1420 WBJS    
  1510 WLAC Nashville Tennessee
  1530 WCKY Cincinnati Ohio
  1630 KCJJ Iowa City Iowa

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